When Relationships Go Right: Enabling thriving lives

Originally part of a ‘flip-over’ pamphlet, ‘When Relationships Go Right: Enabling thriving lives’ contains the Relationships Foundation’s analysis of ‘motivation, opportunity and support’.

Responsibility for wellbeing lies in many areas: individuals, communities, companies, professions and both local and national government all have important roles to play. The relationships that make for wellbeing cannot simply be legislated into existence nor should government seek to act in an authoritarian manner.

But we must also acknowledge that policy shapes the social environment in ways that either foster or undermine such relationships. So we look here at three different ways policy can enable relationships and how these might translate into specific policy options:


  • Motivation – encouraging a culture that values relationships
  • Opportunity – providing the foundations for relationships
  • Support – strengthening existing relationships and building relationships for the excluded.


The other half of the original pamphlet, ‘When Relationships Go Wrong: Counting the cost of family failure’ is now being updated on an annual basis.



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