Transforming Capitalism from Within

“Transforming Capitalism” is a fresh approach to the purpose, performance and assessment of companies based on the idea that stakeholder relationships lie at the heart of companies.

The report is based on several years of research into the concept of ‘relational companies’, culminating in the creation of a Relational Business Charter.

For more detail, read the executive summary or download the full 72 page report below. The printed version can be ordered online here.

On the basis of this Relational Business Charter, a framework for assessing the social impact of corporates is being developed in South Africa, in response to the King III corporate governance requirements.

The Relational Business Charter and proposed Relational Ratings Agency will permit companies to be scored on their “relational rating”. Their relational scorecard will complement financial and environmental indicators to act as a guide for investors, customers and potential employees.

“Sometimes it takes an earthquake to make us realise the need for new building methods. The thinking and discussions which have led to this publication began well before the recent turmoil in the financial markets and wider economy, but those events heavily underline the need for it. They bear out much of the report’s analysis. Its proposal for the development and recognition of ‘relational companies’ is revolutionary but is founded upon essentially simple and well tried principles. There has never been a more important time for recognising them or a greater need for giving them practical application in commercial and public life.” Sir Roger Toulson, Lord Justice of Appeal


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