Towards a Conceptual Framework for Family Proofing Policy

Towards a Conceptual Framework for Family Proofing Policy: Understanding the Key Domains and Critical Levers of Influence, the third and final paper in the Family Proofing series, explores how family proofing of policy can be done, focusing specifically on the key domains and critical levers by which policy can influence family relationships and wellbeing. It proposes a conceptual framework that will help policy-makers understand and analyse the potential impact of policy on people’s motivation and opportunity to form and strengthen committed family relationships, discharge responsibilities pertaining to family relationships, and conduct relationships in a way that enhances the wellbeing of the family. It also considers the impact of policy on the support that people need and receive for these relationships. The framework draws on our previous work on how finance and time influence relationships, as well as a range of theories of human behaviour and how it is influenced.



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