The Relational Manager (Michael Schluter and David Lee, 2009)

Relational ManagerRelationships that work lie at the heart of every successful organisation – on a strategic level, a cultural level, an operational level and a personal level.
Distilling 20 years of experience and research, The Relational Manager is packed with telling case histories, practical examples and clear guidance. Authors Schluter and Lee demonstrate conclusively how managers at any level in any organisation can make a real difference to performance by thinking relationally.
Focused primarily on the workplace, the book also offers insights into the work-life balance and relationships with friends and family. This book argues that society is ultimately a network of relationships, both public and professional. If those relationships don’t work, quality of life goes down and organisational performance suffers. The Relational Manager sets out a relationships approach to policy making and management to inspire leaders in all walks of life.

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