Counting the Cost of Family Failure 2011: £42bn

The cost of family failure continues to be a huge charge on the public purse. The Relationships Foundation’s annual index of the cost of family failure shows that the overall cost remains very high – at £41.74 billion. This means failed relationships cost each current UK taxpayer £1,364 a year.

Click here to read the full press release on the launch of the report and here for The Telegraph article that covered it. Sam Barker was interviewed on Sky News Radio and BBC Three Counties while John Ashcroft took part in a discussion on BBC Five Live. There was also a debate in the House of Lords on Marriage on the 10th of February during which the Bishop of Chester referred to our Family Failure Index in particular saying that he was “grateful to the Cambridge-based Relationships Foundation for collating the results of a wide range of research projects”. The report was also mentioned in the May 4 Family Policy debate at the House of Commons.

Click here for the report from our Wellbeing Series, When Relationships Go Right/When Relationships Go Wrong, for 2009 figures and here for 2010 figures.



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