RF welcomes Relate’s report on improving relationship support for men

By February 26, 2013News

The Relationships Foundation welcomes Relate’s report recognising and discussing why men are less willing to seek help or support for relationship problems.



Harry Benson, Director of Communications at The Marriage Foundation think tank, says: “A big part of the problem is that most people think about relationships in terms of counselling. Yet what most men want is to be taught how to make their relationship work.”



Mr Benson has personally run hundreds of relationship education courses for thousands of men and women.



He continues: “Rather than proposing new and better ways of getting more men into counselling – which is already widespread – what is really needed is an explosion in solution-focused relationship education programmes.”



The ‘Marriage Course’, ‘PREPARE/ENRICH’ and ‘FOCCUS’ (for couples, married and unmarried), the ‘Marriage Preparation Course’ and ‘Marriage by Design’ (for engaged couples), and ‘Let’s Stick Together’ (for new parents) are examples of some of the courses available to couples.



Mr Benson concludes: “Men do occasionally arrive for a relationship course kicking and screaming.



“But invariably they leave saying how much they’ve learnt and how much they’ve loved it. You really can learn how to make a marriage or relationship work.”


The Marriage Foundation is a project of the Relationships Foundation.