Our Projects

We’re committed to seeing change happen. We also believe that the best way to learn about relationships is through practical initiatives working with others. Sometimes we start our own projects which are time limited or which spin-off on their own. And sometimes we come across people with a passion for relationships who have what it takes to make a difference. We may simply advise and support them but occasionally we incubate their ideas and projects until they’re ready to spin-off. Collectively these projects illustrate the importance of relationships in different areas of life, and the potential to tackle the big issues through focussing on relationships.

Relational Justice

Repairing the breach

Relational Healthcare

Strengthening inter-professional and inter-organisational relationships

Relational Schools

Strengthening the quality of relationships

Family Stability Network

Working together for family stability and safe nurturing relationships

Marriage Foundation

The national champion for marriage

Keep Sunday Special

Campaigning to retain the existing Sunday Trading regulations

Modern Families

How and why RF is making the case for families in our society.


Amplifying impact for people, place and planet

Relational Peacebuilding

Developing cross-border relationships in Korea


Building relationships for sustainable peace