The Relationships Foundation has developed a reputation for staging and speaking at interesting and well-received events. 2019 will be no different with a programme of public and private engagements in a variety of formats, working closely with a diverse range of high profile organisations and speakers.

We host public debates, discussions and lectures about relationships, society and public policy. We convene large conferences to bring people together, from diverse fields and contexts, to meet, engage around relational thinking and partner in new projects and campaigns. And we connect with a wide range of stakeholders to share the results of our latest innovative research work.

We are also regularly invited to speak at conferences and training events. If you’d like us to bring relational insight to your event please contact us.

November 28, 2018

March 6th 2019: The Value of Relationships: Tackling Early Career Teacher Retention

November 29, 2018

September 12-13th 2019: Relational Thinking Conference

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