Start with the relationships. Why?

In the 25 years since its launch, Relationships Foundation has explored different ways in which public policy, organisations, and individual behaviour shape the relationships that influence the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

We’re interested in thinking – and have learned so much from all the people and organisations we have encountered over the years. But we also believe it should inform doing, and that practical initiatives for change are the best way to learn with and from others.

Across the globe, people are exploring different ways to put this approach into action. As a Foundation we have founded, incubated and inspired many of the projects we feature on this site. But there are many more and we want to share the things we like and connect you with the people who might challenge you further.

So, please join in. Make use of our resources. Come to one of our events. Sign up here to learn more or follow us through our social media pages.


Dr Rob Loe, CEO