Relationships are at the heart of community

We promote healthy relationships for a compassionate society

Working in business, health, education and beyond we show how connectedness, belonging, mutual understanding, respect and shared goals are essential to thriving.
We're a charity and social enterprise offering research, insight and strategic planning.

Understanding relationships in context requires enquiry


By reviewing the latest research and conducting our own (often in partnership) we are able to bring significant insights to a broad range of situations and organisations.

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Seeing the bigger picture


With our bespoke range of analytical tools developed in-house, we are able to give meaningful insights that look at a wider picture than any individual member can.

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Working relationally with you


Our experts can work with you to make real life impact from our relational audits in workplaces and education settings, so that everyone can benefit, from customers to CEOs, pupils to Headteachers.

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