Our story

The Relationships Foundation is the think tank for a better-connected society. It was set up 25 years ago to develop relational thinking and engage with policy makers. We believe that a good society is built on good relationships, from family and community to public service and business. We study the effect that culture, business and government have on relationships and create new ideas for strengthening social connections and campaign on issues where relationships are being undermined. And we research, train and equip people to think relationally for themselves.

We work with a wide range of policy-makers and leaders in business, academia, public services and politics to implement relational ideas in a wide range of contexts. We work in three ways:

We review existing evidence and conduct new research, often in partnership, on the importance of relationships and build a picture of cultural trends and the pressures on relationships. This allows us to create new ideas and solutions to build and strengthen relationships.

We inspire people to think relationally, both personally and professionally, providing fresh ideas and tools to map and measure relationships. We also work in partnership to deliver seminars, training workshops and relational audits for public sector organisations.

We want to see action, not just discussion. On the basis of our research, we campaign on issues where relationships are under pressure, whether the end goal is public education or changes in organisational practice or government legislation. The recent focus of the Foundation has been to found and incubate new organisations and launch distinct campaigns to address specific areas of concern. After a period of incubation some of these have become independent organisations.