clientsIf strategy and people are the twin pillars of successful organisations, then strong and effective relationships are the key to harnessing the power of cutting-edge strategy and the potential of human capital by stitching the two together. The Relationships Foundation specialises in helping clients identify, develop and manage their key internal and external relationships. We work with leaders, decision-makers and executives from the private, public and third sectors to explore how Relational Thinking can benefit and be applied in their organisations.

By drawing from the wealth of experience and integrating the varied skills and expertise of our experts, professional partners and associates, we offer a range of services aimed at helping leaders, decision-makers and executives get relationships right in order to drive business performance, deliver quality public services and enhance personal effectiveness. We also deliver training and executive programmes to help leaders develop the relational skills needed for effective leadership and management in the 21st century. Being the pioneers of Relational Thinking, we adopt a flexible and yet systematic and holistic approach in helping clients find solutions that work, recognising that relationships are unique and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely achieves sustainable results. We look at an organisation as an integrated, cohesive whole, and help clients see strategy through a relational lens.

We don’t just offer ideas, we provide solutions. From time to time we have offered Leadership Development Courses and Executive Coaching. Prospective clients interested in discussing how we can custom-design a programme for their specific leadership needs are welcome to contact us.